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The Gaviota, or seagull, is the de facto national bird of Cuba, with people often identifying with them...scrappers, always somehow surviving elements, famine, poverty, yet, oddly, always sticking around for more...never leaving Cuba's shores even though they could just fly away at any time...

Re: the last line of the chorus...'Si en los montes, montes eres,'etc...draws directly from José Martí -- I took his lines and gave em back to Cuba, to the woman I’m falling in love with, in the form of a wish, or desire for her and her flight..the woman's, Cuba's...away from ‘hunger,’ strife, and mere survival...and toward life, love.


Pa' la mayoria
De las gaviotas
Lo importante es el comer
No es ver al mundo
A traves el vuelo
Dejame decirte, no es sinquerer

[For the majority of seagulls
The important thing is to eat
It's not to fly around and see the world
Let me tell you, it's not by accident.]

Pero siempre hay una
Una solitaria
A quien sus alas cargan mas quel ser
Lo peligroso es ser como ella
Una como fuego
Una come miel

[But there's always one.
One, solitary one
Whose wings carry more than just herself, her being
The dangerous thing is to be like her
An eater of fire
An eater of honey]

Gaviota, prisonero
De la pasion
De la estupidez
Si en los montes los montes eres
Asi, asi en las nubes

[Seagull, prisoner
Of passion
Of stupidity
If in the mountains you are the mountains
Then, like that, may you be in the skies/clouds]


released March 24, 2016
Written, performed, recorded by Jorge A. Navarro with two guitars, a microphone and a MacBook Pro ©2016 Muy Nice Music



all rights reserved


The Cuban Cowboys San Francisco, California

The Cuban Cowboys mix indie rock with traditional Cuban music. Really? Yup. We been standing on the corner of Brooklyn and Matanzas since 2005. Where you been?

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